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FeedGin : Feeds in Pidgin

A Python script that

  • fetches feeds (RSS, Atom) from their specified URLs
  • shows the updates as messages in a conversation view in pidgin
  • keeps track of the time of the updates so that previously shown updates are not shown again

Can be used with any RSS / Atom feeds including:

  • Blog updates
  • Twitter posts
  • GitHub updates, etc.


  • Python (requires Python 2.7+)
  • FeedParser 5.1 - A Python library for parsing various types of feeds


  • Copy the feedgin.py file to a local directory such as ~local/bin/

  • Edit the file to setup feeds. Follow the examples in the top of the file.

  • Set up a cron job such as:

    */5 * * * * DISPLAY=:0 ./local/bin/feedgin.py

    The above cron-job runs this script every 5 minutes. The DISPLAY=:0 sets up the environment to allow DBUS communication in the cronjob.