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TT-RSS News+ plugin

This is a plugin for Tiny-Tiny-RSS web based news feed reader and aggregator.

It adds a new API (getCompactHeadlines) to allow (faster) two-way synchronzation between an instance of TT-RSS and the News+ Android app.

The plugin requires (at least) version 1.8 of Tiny-Tiny-RSS.

API Reference


Returns a JSON-encoded list of IDs of headlines matching the input parameters.


  • feed_id (integer/string) - only output articles for this feed (see below)
  • limit (integer) - limits the amount of returned articles (see below)
  • skip (integer) - skip this amount of feeds first
  • view_mode (string = all_articles, unread, adaptive, marked, updated)
  • since_id (integer) - only return articles with id greater than since_id


  • Limit: contrary to the standard getHeadlines API call, there is no hardcoded limit. If not specified, the default is set to 20.
  • feed_id: feeds between -10 and 0 have a special meaning.
  • 0: archived
  • -1: starred
  • -2: published
  • -3: fresh
  • -4: all articles
  • -6: recently read
  • IDs < -10: labels
  • textual feed_id: browsing by tags


To install this plugin you can either clone the repository or download a zip file, then extract it in your own tt-rss/plugin/ directory.

You should have a new "api_newsplus" directory under plugins.

Configuration for a single user

Log-in to your TT-RSS instance and go into the preferences. Scroll to plugins and enable "api_newsplus". It will be listed under the system plugins.

Automatic configuration for every user

Edit your config.php and add "api_newsplus" to the list of system plugins. It will be automatically enabled for every user.


This code is licensed under GPLv3. Although I am not a personal fan of the v3, since this code was built upon the existing source of TT-RSS, it inherits the same license.