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module Bezier where
import Control.Monad (zipWithM)
type Point = [Float] -- a multi-dimensional coordinate
type Parametric a = Float -> a -- a value that varies over time
-- linear interpolation between two numbers, from t=0 to t=1
line1d :: Float -> Float -> Parametric Float
line1d a b = \t -> (1 - t)*a + t*b
-- line between two points is linear interpolation on each dimension
line :: Point -> Point -> Parametric Point
line p q = zipWithM line1d p q
-- bezier of one point is fixed at that point, and bezier of n points is the
-- line between bezier of first n-1 points and bezier of last n-1 points
bezier :: [Point] -> Parametric Point
bezier [p] = return p
bezier ps = do p <- bezier (init ps)
q <- bezier (tail ps)
line p q