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To release:

  • run java -jar google-java-format-1.7-all-deps.jar -i src/**.java
  • remove -SNAPSHOT from the version in pom.xml and build.gradle
  • commit with a tag


mvn package
mvn source:jar
mvn javadoc:jar -DadditionalJOption=-Xdoclint:none
cp pom.xml target/pcollections-<VERSION>.pom
cd target
bash -c 'for f in pcollections-<VERSION>*; do gpg -ab $f; done'
jar cvf bundle.jar pcollections-<VERSION>*

Then follow the instructions at

Finally, increment the version in build.gradle and pom.xml and add back -SNAPSHOT, and commit.

Finally finally, once the new version is available in Maven Central (takes a few hours), update the version in the Maven and Gradle snippets in the README and update

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