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the visual habit tracking social network


tenden|see allows users to manage and track daily tasks like any other habit tracker. Unlike the other apps out there, tenden|see uses photos to increase adherence by simplifying the checking off of a daily task, making that process more rewarding, and adding an element of social proof. tenden|see was built in React Native / Redux with a RESTful Node / Express server and a MySQL relational database and has been optimized for both iOS and Android.

Video Demo

Watch the app demo (Google Play and Apple App Store submissions pending)

login habitlist photos friends

Key Features

  • Log a habit by taking a picture
    • Have an exercise habit? Snap a picture of the gym, treadmill, running shoes, barbells, and so forth
  • Follow friends
    • View your friends' photos
  • Private-mode
    • Make habits private
  • Insights on your habits
    • Streaks, success rate, and more

Built With

  • React Native - A framework for building native apps using React
  • Redux - Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • Clarifai - Image and video recognition API
  • Node.js - JavaScript runtime
  • Express - Flexible Node.js web application framework
  • MySQL - Open-source relational database management system
  • Facebook Login - Secure, fast and convenient way for people to login
  • Amazon S3 - Simple, durable, massively scalable object storage


  • Product Owners: Guedis Cardenas, Thomas O'Connor
  • Scrum Master: Duncan Pedersen
  • Development Team Members: Debasish Mozumder

Table of Contents

  1. Usage
  2. Requirements
  3. Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
    2. Tasks
  4. Team
  5. Built With


Some usage instructions


  • Node 0.10.x
  • Redis 2.6.x
  • Postgresql 9.1.x
  • etc
  • etc

Installing Dependencies

From within the root directory:

sudo npm install -g bower
npm install
bower install


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