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Nodejs Chat

A simple Chat application based on node.js,, jQuery on frontend. It's a fork of



npm - node package manager


Server messages:

  • login/logoff user activity messages in the top left panel

  • Status messages for the user in the top panel

  • Chat status message (READY,ERR,CHAT) left beside the status panel

  • List of current online users in the lower left panel which are

  • marked green for user itself,

  • marked red for a user in a current PM conversation with (private message)


HTML5, CSS3 Frontend design inspired by 'PubNub Channel Presence'

  • supports newer browsers
  • featuring handlbars.js template engine
  • testet locally on Firefox 45, Opera 36, Chrome 48 on Ubuntu 12


this software is for experimental and maybe tutorial use only, not for professional or commercial use. Use it at your own risk!


  • create a useful directory. to avoid confusion, not unter /htdocs, /var/www/html. Apache has not to deal with it!
  • git clone <url> .


npm install


after installing, run node server.js on console, then point your browser(s) on your machine to and have fun! of course, you can change the port in config.json. the app makes heavy use of console.log() both server- and clientside. throw it off if you wish. to shutdown the server app, hit [CTRL] C


after login with a valid username, type text in the input bar, min. four char. click 'send' or hit Enter. for a PM, click a username in the lower left panel, which must appear red now. your messages go private now. to switch to public conversation, click again this user.


current version 0.9.0. check regular to see changes. chat working, but still with issues listed below.


a few major issues to be fixed are:

  • sort the multilingualism german/english
  • set some settimeOut() to avoid spamming
  • place some nice tooltips
  • LESS for Css, colors etc. (developer issue)
  • etc..