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;;; ruby-test-mode.el --- Minor mode for Behaviour and Test Driven
;;; Development in Ruby.
;; Copyright (C) 2009 Roman Scherer, Caspar Florian Ebeling
;; Author: Roman Scherer <>
;; Caspar Florian Ebeling <>
;; Maintainer: Roman Scherer <>
;; Created: 09.02.08
;; Version: 1.0
;; Keywords: ruby unit test rspec
;; This software can be redistributed. GPL v2 applies.
;; This mode provides commands for running ruby tests. The output is
;; shown in separate buffer '*Ruby-Test*' in ruby-test
;; mode. Backtraces from failures and errors are marked, and can be
;; clicked to bring up the relevent source file, where point is moved
;; to the named line.
;; The tests can be both, either rspec behaviours, or unit
;; tests. (File names are assumed to end in _spec.rb or _test.rb to
;; tell the type.) When the command for running a test is invoked, it
;; looks at several places for an actual test to run: first, it looks
;; if the current buffer is a test (or spec), secondly, if not, it
;; checks whether one of the visible buffers is, thirdly it looks if
;; there has been a test run before (during this session), in which
;; case that test is invoked again.
;; Using the command `ruby-test-run-test-at-point', you can run test
;; cases separately from others in the same file.
;; Keybindings:
;; C-c C-c . - Runs the current buffer's file as an unit test or an
;; rspec example.
;; C-c C-c . - Runs the unit test or rspec example at the current buffer's
;; buffer's point.
;; C-c t - Toggle between implementation and test/example files.
;; History:
;; - 09.02.08, Clickable backtrace added.
;; - 02.03.08, Rails support, by Roman Scherer
;; - 06.06.08, Bugfixes
;; - 09.07.08, Fix backtrace rendering
;; - 17.07.08, Fix rails support and lookup of unqualified executables
;; - 31.07.08, Re-use buffer to show error location, if already visible
;; - 01.08.08, Red and green messages for success and failure
;; - 03.08.08, Run individual test case
;; - 03.08.08, Toggle between implementation and specification/unit
;; files for rails projects, by Roman Scherer
;; - 06.08.08, Bug fix: unbreak goto-location if buffer is visible
;; - 21.08.08, Refactoring & Bug fix: Before running test files, emacs
;; changes into the project's root directory, so relative
;; paths are handled correctly. (Roman Scherer)
(defgroup ruby-test nil
"Minor mode providing commands and helpers for Behavioural and
Test Driven Development in Ruby."
:group 'ruby)
(defvar ruby-test-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map (kbd "C-c C-c .") 'ruby-test-run)
(define-key map (kbd "C-c C-c ,") 'ruby-test-run-at-point)
(define-key map (kbd "C-c t") 'ruby-test-toggle-implementation-and-specification)
"The keymap used in `ruby-test-mode' buffers.")
(defcustom ruby-test-ruby-executables
'("/opt/local/bin/ruby" "/usr/bin/ruby" "ruby" "ruby1.9")
"*A list of ruby executables to use. Non-absolute paths get
expanded using `PATH'. The first existing will get picked. Set
this variable to use the implementation you intend to test
:type '(list)
:group 'ruby-test)
(defcustom ruby-test-rspec-executables
'("/opt/local/bin/spec" "spec" "/usr/bin/spec" "/usr/local/bin/spec")
"*A list of spec executables. If the spec does not belong to a
rails project, then non-absolute paths get expanded using
`PATH'; The first existing will get picked. In a rails project
the `script/spec' script will be invoked."
:type '(list)
:group 'ruby-test)
(defcustom ruby-test-file-name-extensions
'("builder" "erb" "haml" "rb" "rjs")
"*A list of filename extensions that trigger the loading of the
minor mode."
:type '(list)
:group 'ruby-test)
(defcustom ruby-test-implementation-filename-mapping
("\\(.*\\)\\(spec/controllers/\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(_routing_spec\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1config/routes.rb")
("\\(.*\\)\\(spec/\\)\\(controllers\\|helpers\\|models\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(_spec\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1app/\\3\\4\\5\\7")
("\\(.*\\)\\(spec/\\)\\(views\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(_spec\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1app/\\3\\4\\5")
("\\(.*\\)\\(spec/\\)\\(lib/\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(_spec\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1\\3\\4\\5\\7")
("\\(.*\\)\\(test/\\)\\(unit/\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(_test\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1app/models/\\4\\5\\7")
("\\(.*\\)\\(test/\\)\\(functional/\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(_test\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1app/controllers/\\4\\5\\7")
("\\(.*\\)\\(_spec\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1\\3")
("\\(.*\\)\\(_test\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1\\3"))
"Regular expressions to map Ruby implementation to unit
filenames). The first element in each list is the match, the
second the replace expression."
:type '(list)
:group 'ruby-test)
(defcustom ruby-test-specification-filename-mapping
("\\(.*\\)\\(app/\\)\\(controllers\\|helpers\\|models\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1spec/\\3\\4_spec\\5\\6")
("\\(.*\\)\\(app/views\\)\\(.*\\)$" "\\1spec/views\\3\\4_spec\\5\\6.rb")
("\\(.*\\)\\(lib\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1spec/\\2\\3_spec\\4\\5")
("\\(.*\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1_spec\\2"))
"Regular expressions to map Ruby specification to
implementation filenames). The first element in each list is the
match, the second the replace expression."
:type '(list)
:group 'ruby-test)
(defcustom ruby-test-unit-filename-mapping
("\\(.*\\)\\(app/\\)\\(controllers\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1test/functional\\4_test\\5\\6")
("\\(.*\\)\\(app/\\)\\(models\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1test/unit\\4_test\\5\\6")
("\\(.*\\)\\(lib/\\)\\(.*\\)\\([^/]*\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1test/unit/\\3\\4_test\\5\\6")
("\\(.*\\)\\(\\.rb\\)$" "\\1_test\\2"))
"Regular expressions to map Ruby unit to implementation
filenames. The first element in each list is the match, the
second the replace expression."
:type '(list)
:group 'ruby-test)
(define-minor-mode ruby-test-mode
"Toggle Ruby-Test minor mode.
With no argument, this command toggles the mode. Non-null prefix
argument turns on the mode. Null prefix argument turns off the
:init-value nil
:lighter " Ruby-Test"
:keymap 'ruby-test-mode-map
:group 'ruby-test)
(defun select (fn ls)
"Create a list from elements of list LS for which FN returns
(let ((result nil))
(dolist (item ls)
(if (funcall fn item)
(setq result (cons item result))))
(reverse result)))
(defalias 'find-all 'select)
(defun ruby-test-spec-p (filename)
(and (stringp filename) (string-match "spec\.rb$" filename)))
(defun ruby-test-p (filename)
(and (stringp filename) (string-match "test\.rb$" filename)))
(defun ruby-test-any-p (filename)
(or (ruby-test-spec-p filename)
(ruby-test-p filename)))
(defun ruby-test-expand-executable-path (name)
(if (file-name-absolute-p name)
(executable-find name)))
(defun ruby-test-file-name-extension-p (&optional filename)
"Returns t if the minor mode should be enabled for the current
buffer's filename or the optional filename argument."
(file-name-extension (or filename buffer-file-name))
(defun ruby-test-find-file ()
"Find the test file to run in number of diffeerent ways:
current buffer (if that's a test; another open buffer which is a
test; or the last run test (if there was one)."
(let ((files))
(if (buffer-file-name)
(setq files (cons (buffer-file-name) files)))
(setq files (append
(lambda (win-name) (buffer-file-name (window-buffer win-name)))
(if (boundp 'ruby-test-last-run)
(nconc files (list ruby-test-last-run)))
(setq ruby-test-last-run (car (select 'ruby-test-any-p (select 'identity files))))))
(defun ruby-test-find-file-hook ()
"Enable ruby-test-mode if the current buffer's filename
extension matches one of the minor mode's filename extensions."
(when (ruby-test-file-name-extension-p) (ruby-test-mode 't)))
(defun ruby-test-find-target-filename (filename mapping)
"Find the target filename by matching FILENAME with the first
element of each list in mapping, and replacing the match with the
second element."
(let ((target-filename nil))
(while (and (not target-filename) mapping)
(let ((regexp-match (car (car mapping)))
(regexp-replace (car (cdr (car mapping)))))
(if (string-match regexp-match filename)
(setq target-filename (replace-match regexp-replace nil nil filename nil)))
(setq mapping (cdr mapping))))
(defun ruby-test-find-testcase-at (file line)
(set-buffer (get-file-buffer file))
(goto-line line)
(message "%s:%s" (current-buffer) (point))
(if (re-search-backward ruby-test-search-testcase-re nil t)
(match-string 1))))
(defun ruby-test-implementation-filename (&optional filename)
"Returns the implementation filename for the current buffer's
filename or the optional FILENAME, else nil."
(let ((filename (or filename (buffer-file-name))))
(ruby-test-find-target-filename filename ruby-test-implementation-filename-mapping)))
(defun ruby-test-implementation-p (&optional filename)
"Returns t if the current buffer's filename or the given
filename is a Ruby implementation file."
(let ((filename (or filename buffer-file-name)))
(and (file-readable-p filename)
(string-match "\\(\\.builder\\)\\|\\(\\.erb\\)\\|\\(\\.haml\\)\\|\\(\\.rb\\)$" filename)
(not (string-match "_spec\\.rb$" filename))
(not (string-match "_test\\.rb$" filename)))))
(defvar ruby-test-not-found-message "No test among visible buffers or run earlier.")
(defun ruby-test-run ()
"Run the current buffer's file as specification or unit test."
(let ((filename (ruby-test-find-file)))
(if filename
(setq default-directory (or (ruby-test-rails-root filename) (ruby-test-ruby-root filename)))
(compilation-start (ruby-test-command filename) t))
(message ruby-test-not-found-message))))
(defun ruby-test-run-at-point ()
"Run test at point individually, using the same search strategy
as `ruby-test-run-file'"
(let ((filename (ruby-test-find-file)))
(let ((test-file-buffer (get-file-buffer filename)))
(if (and filename
(set-buffer test-file-buffer)
(let ((line (line-number-at-pos (point))))
(setq default-directory (or (ruby-test-rails-root filename) (ruby-test-ruby-root filename)))
(compilation-start (ruby-test-command filename line) t)))
(message ruby-test-not-found-message)))))
(defun ruby-test-command (filename &optional line-number)
"Return the command to run a unit test or a specification
depending on the filename."
(let (command options)
((ruby-test-spec-p filename)
(setq command (or (ruby-test-rspec-executable filename) spec))
(setq category "spec")
(setq options (cons "-b" options))
(if line-number
(setq options (cons "--line" (cons (format "%d" line-number) options)))))
((ruby-test-p filename)
(setq command (or (ruby-test-ruby-executable) "ruby"))
(setq category "unit test")
(if line-number
(let ((test-case (ruby-test-find-testcase-at filename line-number)))
(if test-case
(setq options (cons filename (list (format "--name=%s" test-case))))
(error "No test case at %s:%s" filename line-number)))))
(t (message "File is not a known ruby test file")))
(format "%s %s %s" command (mapconcat 'identity options " ") filename)))
(defun ruby-test-project-root (filename root-predicate)
"Returns the project root directory for a FILENAME using the
given ROOT-PREDICATE, else nil. The function returns a directory
if any of the directories in FILENAME is tested to t by
evaluating the ROOT-PREDICATE."
(if (funcall root-predicate filename)
(not (string= "/" filename))
(directory-file-name (file-name-directory filename)))
(defun ruby-test-project-root-p (directory candidates)
"Returns t if one of the filenames in CANDIDATES is existing
relative to the given DIRECTORY, else nil."
(let ((found nil))
(while (and (not found) (car candidates))
(setq found
(concat (file-name-as-directory directory) (car candidates))))
(setq candidates (cdr candidates)))
(defun ruby-test-rails-root (filename)
"Returns the Ruby on Rails project directory for the given
FILENAME, else nil."
(ruby-test-project-root filename 'ruby-test-rails-root-p))
(defun ruby-test-rails-root-p (directory)
"Returns t if the given DIRECTORY is the root of a Ruby on
Rails project, else nil."
(and (ruby-test-ruby-root-p directory)
(ruby-test-project-root-p directory
'("config/environment.rb" "config/database.yml"))))
(defun ruby-test-rspec-executable (test-file)
"Returns the spec executable to be used for the current buffer
test-file or the given one. If (buffer) test-file is inside of a
rails project, the project executable is returned, else the first
existing default executable. If the default executable is
relative, it is assumed to be somewhere in `PATH'."
(interactive "b")
(if (not (buffer-file-name (get-buffer test-file)))
(error "%s" "Cannot find spec relative to non-file buffer"))
(let ((executables (copy-sequence ruby-test-rspec-executables)))
(if (ruby-test-rails-root test-file)
(add-to-list 'executables (concat (ruby-test-rails-root test-file)
(setq executables (mapcar 'ruby-test-expand-executable-path
(let ((spec (car (select 'file-readable-p executables))))
(defun ruby-test-ruby-executable ()
"Returns the ruby binary to be used."
(car (select 'file-readable-p
(select 'identity
(mapcar 'ruby-test-expand-executable-path
(defun ruby-test-ruby-root (filename)
"Returns the Ruby project directory for the given FILENAME,
else nil."
(ruby-test-project-root filename 'ruby-test-ruby-root-p))
(defun ruby-test-ruby-root-p (directory)
"Returns t if the given DIRECTORY is the root of a Ruby
project, else nil."
(or (ruby-test-project-root-p directory '("Rakefile"))
(ruby-test-project-root-p directory '("Rakefile.rb"))))
(defun ruby-test-specification-filename (&optional filename)
"Returns the specification filename for the current buffer's
filename or the optional FILENAME, else nil."
(let ((filename (or filename (buffer-file-name))))
(ruby-test-find-target-filename filename ruby-test-specification-filename-mapping)))
(defun ruby-test-toggle-implementation-and-specification (&optional filename)
"Toggle between the implementation and specification/test file
for the current buffer or the optional FILENAME."
(let ((filename (or filename (buffer-file-name))))
(cond ((ruby-test-implementation-p filename)
(cond ((ruby-test-specification-filename filename)
(find-file (ruby-test-specification-filename filename)))
((ruby-test-unit-filename filename)
(find-file (ruby-test-unit-filename filename)))
(put-text-property 0 (length filename) 'face 'bold filename)
(message "Sorry, can't guess unit/specification filename from %s." filename))))
((or (ruby-test-spec-p filename) (ruby-test-p filename))
(find-file (ruby-test-implementation-filename filename)))
(put-text-property 0 (length filename) 'face 'bold filename)
(message "Sorry, %s is neither a Ruby implementation nor a test file." filename)))))
(defun ruby-test-unit-filename (&optional filename)
"Returns the unit filename for the current buffer's filename or
the optional FILENAME, else nil."
(let ((filename (or filename (buffer-file-name))))
(ruby-test-find-target-filename filename ruby-test-unit-filename-mapping)))
(add-hook 'find-file-hooks 'ruby-test-find-file-hook)
(provide 'ruby-test-mode)
;;; ruby-test-mode.el ends here
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