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Update Notifier for MATE

This little app brings back the old update-manager notification icon to the systray. It is not a feature-rich stuff, and highly depends on the update-manager itself. Just notifies you if you have any update.


This app is depends on following packages:

  • ruby1.9.1
  • ruby-gettext
  • ruby-gtk3
  • update-manager (not only the update-manager-core!)


Simply run cmake . and make install If there is no cmake installed in your system you can also install the program with make -f simple.make install command however this solution is not able to check existence of dependencies.

TODO and known issues

  • Currently it does not supports display if a restart is required
  • Checks are issued in every 300 seconds and not configurable (hard-coded)
  • No difference in icon if a security update is available
  • It should support performing apt-get update but it needs a credential...

Licensing & Copyright

This project is licenced under the terms of CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA 3.5 Unported License. Some rights reserved.

Copyright (c) Gabor Garami 2015

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