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Rolf's Orphaned Tagging Zythepsary
C Scilab
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Rolf's Orphaned Tagging Zythepsary.


Wrapper around tokyocabinet to store tag metadata of items in a bipartite graph, much like vertexdb but with the emphasis on bulk operations.

Currently, access via command-line is implemented, and access via http is envisaged.

Command-line tools

  • rotz-add Add tags to symbols
  • rotz-del Remove tags from symbols
  • rotz-show Show symbols associated with tags, or tags associated with symbols
  • rotz-alias Make a tag also known under a different name
  • rotz-rename Rename a tag
  • rotz-search Show tags beginning with a specified prefix
  • rotz-combine Combine several separate tags into one
  • rotz-cloud Display tag clouds
  • rotz-fsck Check database file and optimise it


Start out anywhere by adding some tags:

$ rotz-add foo bar
$ rotz-add foo baz

Now show all associations with foo

$ rotz-show foo

Show all associations of bar

$ rotz-show bar

Delete the association between foo and bar

$ rotz-del foo bar
$ rotz-show foo

Add a tag alias to foo, something more meaningful

$ rotz-alias foo important

Find important items

$ rotz-show important

Make bar important again

$ rotz-add important bar
$ rotz-show foo


The API contains the usual graph operations:

rtz_vtx_t rotz_get_vertex(rotz_t, const char *v) : Identify a vertex by name and return its object handle.

rtz_vtx_t rotz_add_vertex(rotz_t, const char *v) : Add vertex V to rotz database file and return its object handle.

rtz_vtx_t rotz_rem_vertex(rotz_t, const char *v) : Remove vertex V from rotz database file and return its former object handle.

int rotz_add_alias(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t v, const char *alias) : Make ALIAS an alias for vertex object V.

int rotz_rem_alias(rotz_t, const char *alias) : Remove ALIAS from the list of aliases associated with ALIAS.

rtz_buf_t rotz_get_aliases(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t v) : Return the list of aliases for vertex object V.

int rotz_get_edge(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t from, rtz_vtx_t to) : Return non-0 iff the edge from vertex FROM to vertex TO exists.

int rotz_add_edge(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t from, rtz_vtx_t to) : Add an edge from vertex FROM to vertex TO.

int rotz_rem_edge(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t from, rtz_vtx_t to) : Remove an edge from vertex FROM to vertex TO.

rtz_vtxlst_t rotz_get_edges(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t v) : Return all (outgoing) edges from vertex V.

size_t rotz_get_nedges(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t v) : Return the number of (outgoing) edges from vertex V.

int rotz_rem_edges(rotz_t, rtz_vtx_t v) : Remove all (outgoing) edges from a vertex V.

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