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Snippet plugin for vim/nvim that supports LSP/VSCode's snippet format.


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VSCode(LSP)'s snippet feature in vim/nvim.


  • Nested placeholders
    • You can define snippet like console.log($1${2:, $1})$0
  • Nested snippet expansion
    • You can expand snippet even if you already activated other snippet (it will be merged as one snippet)
  • Load snippet from VSCode extension
    • If you install VSCode extension via Plug 'golang/vscode-go', vsnip will load those snippets.
  • Support many LSP-client & completion-engine by vim-vsnip-integ
  • Vim script interpolation
    • You can use Vim script interpolation as ${VIM:...Vim script expression...}.
  • SnipMate-like syntax support
    • Snippet files in SnipMate format with the extension .snippets can be load.
    • NOTE: Full compatibility is not guaranteed. It is intended to easily create user-defined snippets.


  • Pure Vim script
  • Well tested (neovim/0.4.4, vim/8.0.1567)
  • Support VSCode snippet format
  • Provide integration with many plugins

Related repository

friendly-snippets - Set of preconfigured snippets for all kind of programming languages that integrates really well with vim-vsnip, so all users can benefit from them and not to worry about setting up snippets on their own.


1. Install

You can use your favorite plugin managers to install this plugin.

Plug 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip'
Plug 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip-integ'

call dein#add('hrsh7th/vim-vsnip')
call dein#add('hrsh7th/vim-vsnip-integ')

NeoBundle 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip'
NeoBundle 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip-integ'

2. Setting

" NOTE: You can use other key to expand snippet.

" Expand
imap <expr> <C-j>   vsnip#expandable()  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand)'         : '<C-j>'
smap <expr> <C-j>   vsnip#expandable()  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand)'         : '<C-j>'

" Expand or jump
imap <expr> <C-l>   vsnip#available(1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand-or-jump)' : '<C-l>'
smap <expr> <C-l>   vsnip#available(1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand-or-jump)' : '<C-l>'

" Jump forward or backward
imap <expr> <Tab>   vsnip#jumpable(1)   ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-next)'      : '<Tab>'
smap <expr> <Tab>   vsnip#jumpable(1)   ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-next)'      : '<Tab>'
imap <expr> <S-Tab> vsnip#jumpable(-1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-prev)'      : '<S-Tab>'
smap <expr> <S-Tab> vsnip#jumpable(-1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-prev)'      : '<S-Tab>'

" Select or cut text to use as $TM_SELECTED_TEXT in the next snippet.
" See
nmap        s   <Plug>(vsnip-select-text)
xmap        s   <Plug>(vsnip-select-text)
nmap        S   <Plug>(vsnip-cut-text)
xmap        S   <Plug>(vsnip-cut-text)

" If you want to use snippet for multiple filetypes, you can `g:vsnip_filetypes` for it.
let g:vsnip_filetypes = {}
let g:vsnip_filetypes.javascriptreact = ['javascript']
let g:vsnip_filetypes.typescriptreact = ['typescript']

3. Create your own snippet

Snippet file will store to g:vsnip_snippet_dir per filetype.

  1. Open some file (example: Sample.js)
  2. Invoke :VsnipOpen command.
  3. Edit snippet.
  "Class": {
    "prefix": ["class"],
    "body": [
      " * @author ${VIM:\\$USER}",
      " */",
      "class $1 ${2:extends ${3:Parent} }{",
      "\tconstructor() {",
    "description": "Class definition template."

The snippet format was described in here or here.



You can insert the filename via fname\<Plug>(vsnip-expand).

  "filename": {
    "prefix": ["fname"],
    "body": "$TM_FILENAME_BASE"


You can fill $TM_SELECTED_TEXT by <Plug>(vsnip-select-text) or <Plug>(vsnip-cut-text).

  "log": {
    "prefix": ["log"],
    "body": "console.log(${1:$TM_SELECTED_TEXT});"

Insert environment vars

You can insert value by Vim script expression.

  "user": {
    "prefix": "username",
    "body": "${VIM:\\$USER}"

Insert UUID via python

You can insert UUID via python.

  "uuid": {
    "prefix": "uuid",
    "body": [
      "${VIM:system('python -c \"import uuid, sys;sys.stdout.write(str(uuid.uuid4()))\"')}"

NOTE: $VIM is only in vsnip. So that makes to lost the snippet portability.


LSP integration

Nested snippet expansion

<Plug(vsnip-cut-text) with $TM_SELECTED_TEXT

<Plug&rt;(vsnip-cut-text) with $TM_SELECTED_TEXT


How to run test it?

You can run npm run test after install vim-themis.

How sync same tabstop placeholders?

  1. compute the user-diff ... s:Session.flush_changes
  2. reflect the user-diff to snippet ast ... s:Snippet.follow
  3. reflect the sync-diff to buffer content ... s:Snippet.sync & s:Session.flush_changes