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A simple Laravel package for Eloquent Model user specific feilds.
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Laravel Userstamps

Laravel Userstamps is a simple Laravel package for your Eloquent Model user specific feilds. This package automatically inserts/updates an user id on your table on who created, last updated and deleted the record.


  1. Add repositories in composer.json
"repositories": [
     "url": "",

      "type": "git"
  1. Add the package name in require with the branch name after the dev:
"hrshadhin/laravel-userstamps": "dev-master"


Update your model's migration and add created_by, updated_by and deleted_by field using the userstamps() blueprint macro.

Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {
    $table->string('name', 100);

Then use UserstampsTrait on your model.

namespace App;

use Hrshadhin\Userstamps\UserstampsTrait;

class User extends Model
    use UserstampsTrait;

Dropping columns

You can drop auditable columns using dropUserstamps() method.

Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

And your done!


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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