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Comment and typo fixes.

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hrydgard committed Oct 22, 2017
1 parent 8f9bb59 commit 27db1d558cbeb1e566c550529feb5d00a56af358
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  1. +14 −2 GPU/Common/FramebufferCommon.cpp
@@ -1837,6 +1837,15 @@ void FramebufferManagerCommon::ShowScreenResolution() {
INFO_LOG(SYSTEM, "%s", messageStream.str().c_str());
// We might also want to implement an asynchronous callback-style version of this. Would probably
// only be possible to implement optimally on Vulkan, but on GL and D3D11 we could do pixel buffers
// and read on the next frame, then call the callback. PackFramebufferAsync_ on OpenGL already does something similar.
// The main use cases for this are:
// * GE debugging(in practice async will not matter because it will stall anyway.)
// * Video file recording(would probably be great if it was async.)
// * Screenshots(benefit slightly from async.)
// * Save state screenshots(could probably be async but need to manage the stall.)
bool FramebufferManagerCommon::GetFramebuffer(u32 fb_address, int fb_stride, GEBufferFormat format, GPUDebugBuffer &buffer, int maxRes) {
VirtualFramebuffer *vfb = currentRenderVfb_;
if (!vfb) {
@@ -1959,10 +1968,13 @@ bool FramebufferManagerCommon::GetOutputFramebuffer(GPUDebugBuffer &buffer) {
// This function takes an already correctly-sized framebuffer and packs it into RAM.
// Does not need to account for scaling.
// Color conversion is currently done on CPU but should be done on GPU.
// Color conversion is currently done on CPU but should theoretically be done on GPU.
// (Except using the GPU might cause problems because of various implementations'
// dithering behavior and games that expect exact colors like Danganronpa, so we
// can't entirely be rid of the CPU path.) -- unknown
void FramebufferManagerCommon::PackFramebufferSync_(VirtualFramebuffer *vfb, int x, int y, int w, int h) {
if (!vfb->fbo) {
ERROR_LOG_REPORT_ONCE(vfbfbozero, SCEGE, "PackFramebufferD3D11_: vfb->fbo == 0");
ERROR_LOG_REPORT_ONCE(vfbfbozero, SCEGE, "PackFramebufferSync_: vfb->fbo == 0");

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