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Make some decls private

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hrydgard committed Aug 8, 2017
1 parent 3be5682 commit 7b4cf8516bf59080746ccf785f9358da3fd3371a
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@@ -99,15 +99,15 @@
// Allow for multiple connected gamepads but just consider them the same for now.
// Actually this is not entirely true, see the code.
InputDeviceState inputPlayerA;
InputDeviceState inputPlayerB;
InputDeviceState inputPlayerC;
String inputPlayerADesc;
float densityDpi;
float refreshRate;
int pixelWidth;
int pixelHeight;
private InputDeviceState inputPlayerA;
private InputDeviceState inputPlayerB;
private InputDeviceState inputPlayerC;
private String inputPlayerADesc;
private float densityDpi;
private float refreshRate;
private int pixelWidth;
private int pixelHeight;
// Functions for the app activity to override to change behaviour.

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