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Just some debug output for future decisions

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hrydgard committed Dec 5, 2017
1 parent 1d2dbdc commit 85b743c732f69dd4704013b1b9de2bd747744af0
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  1. +14 −0 ext/native/thin3d/VulkanQueueRunner.cpp
@@ -8,6 +8,20 @@ void VulkanQueueRunner::CreateDeviceObjects() {
#if 0
// Just to check whether it makes sense to split some of these. drawidx is way bigger than the others...
// We should probably just move to variable-size data in a raw buffer anyway...
VkRenderData rd;
ILOG("sizeof(pipeline): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.pipeline));
ILOG("sizeof(draw): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.draw));
ILOG("sizeof(drawidx): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.drawIndexed));
ILOG("sizeof(clear): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.clear));
ILOG("sizeof(viewport): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.viewport));
ILOG("sizeof(scissor): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.scissor));
ILOG("sizeof(blendColor): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.blendColor));
ILOG("sizeof(push): %d", (int)sizeof(rd.push));
void VulkanQueueRunner::ResizeReadbackBuffer(VkDeviceSize requiredSize) {

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