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1. Install GCC, CMake, and development libraries for zlib and sdl.
2. cd SDL
3. ./buildassets.sh
4. ./b.sh

That should do it.

Special instructions for MacOSX:

Install XCode
Install CMake
Open XCode, Preferences, Downloads, Components. Install the command line toools.

Install MacPorts
Using MacPorts, install libpng
Do the above.

SDL2 Game Controller Support Notes

For SDL2 game controller support, at least SDL 2.0.4 is required.

Under the assets directory is the SDL2 game controller database: gamecontrollerdb.txt. This file contains many known control pad mappings for Windows, Linux and MAC OS. PPSSPPSDL will load this file at start-up and work out how to assign control pad buttons for your control pad.

Hot plugging of control pads is also supported.

If you control pad has a "Guide" or "Home" button then when pressed, this will trigger the emulator pause menu, thus allowing you to exit the emulator if you wish or load another game from your library.