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Deliverable 5.2 Documentation - Software prototype of the crawling, ranking and appraisal services

This repository contains LaTeX files for the documentation of Deliverable 5.2

Contents (Responsability):

  1. Introduction (UBONN)

1.1 Scope and Objectives

1.2 Context of this Document

1.3 Document Structure

  1. Data Quality Framework (UBONN)

2.1 High-Level Architecture

2.2 Stream Processor

2.3 The Dataset Quality Ontology

2.4 Quality RESTful API Design

  1. Libraries Used (UBONN, FORTH, HANZO)

3.1 Jena

3.2 ...

  1. Ranking Services (UBONN, FORTH)

4.1 Data Quality Assessment Process (UBONN)

4.2 Data Quality Metrics

4.2.1 Accessibility Category Availability Performance ...

4.2.2 Intrinsic Category ...

4.2.3 ...

4.3 Visualisation of Quality Assessment

4.4 Ranking of Quality-Computed Datasets

  1. Crawling Services (HANZO)

  2. Conclusions

  3. References

Contact Persons


Jeremy Debattista (

Christoph Lange (

Natalja Friesen (