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Collaborative Web Audio – Master Project 2017/18 #collaboration #contribution #interactivity #composition #soundscape #gestures

This is Kom[bp]o

Kom[bp]o is an interactive sound installation in which up to twelve participants create a musical environment in constant change. The installation consists of twelve mobile devices with headphones and a large projection screen with speakers. Participants can use a mobile device to select sounds and create musical loop sequences through a simple graphical editor. Initially, the participants hear the loop on headphones only and can arbitrarily change and renew it before publishing it in the room with a throwing gesture. The overall mix of published loop sequences is heard through the speakers in the room and displayed visually on the wall projection. Shortly after being added to the overall mix, each loop begins to dissolve slowly – acoustically and visually – until vanishing to make room for new contributions. The loops in the individual headphones and on the loudspeakers are synchronized so that the participants can anticipate the resulting mix before publishing their contribution. The installation is a collaborative game that invites you to join in making music together and at the same time gives the participants their own space for individual experimentation.

The Kom[bp]o-App

Screen Description
Imgur Here we go! Take the device and wake it up from its idle state.
Imgur Who are you? Choose an emoji which represents you.
Imgur Pick your sound! Choose a type of sound through gesture.
Imgur Every flip-it-gesture changes your soundtype.
Imgur Bring your sound to life. Create your musical loop sequence via touch.
Imgur Share your sound! Throw your musical loop sequence into the room so that everyone can hear it.