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A static website generator made with Bash & co.
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FakeStache SSG

Yep! An Other Static Website Generator!

Made with Bash >= 4 (& coreutils), Pandoc and Mustache.

The documentation is a WIP.


  1. git clone && cd fakestache-ssg
  2. git submodule init
  3. git submodule update


  • To simply build the web site:
    • ./fakestache
  • To build the site in development mode:
    • ./fakestache -d
  • You can force the complete reset of the web site before building it:
    • ./fakestache -r


All the content of your site should be markdown (*.md) file and belongs in the content/ repository. That folder must contains at least an file.


Archetypes are presets files for writing content faster. When you create a content through an archetype, the basic metadatas of your markdown file are prefilled and it is put in the right place of the content tree.

Create a content from an archetype

  1. The first argument is the name (whithout the *.md extension) of an existing archetype.
  2. The second (and the last) argument is the title you want to give to your content.
  • ./fakestache nameofthearchetype "The title you want for your content"

So if i'm using the archetype to create a new content it will look like this :

  • ./fakestache sample "This is my first content made from an archetype"

If it is a success FakeStache will output something like this :

  • - The file '/home/hs0ucy/Documents/fakestache-ssg/content/sample/2017/03/' hab been created.

Now you can open the file you have created and start to write right away whithout the need of filling the metadatas.


FakeStache uses the mustache template engine (for bash) to give more flexibility to build your theme. When you build your project FakeStache converts mustache templates to pandoc HTML templates.

A lot of params in config/site.cfg are includes by mustache during the creation of the pandoc's templates.

  • ./templates
    • mustache/
      • partials/
        • head.mustache
      • feed/
        • feed-entry.mustache
        • feed.mustache
      • default-index.mustache
      • default.mustache
      • index.mustache
    • pandoc
      • empty: dynamically created