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tap-tempo lfo


Version 3 of the tap-tempo LFO for the AVR attiny series of microcontrollers, now free under the GPLv3 license.

This is a small tap-tempo Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) micro controller intended primarily for use in guitar effects and similar.

Visit my website for earlier versions, additioanl info, veroboard projects etc.

Harald Sabro


| attiny84a | attiny85 --- | --- | --- Programming | ISP | ISP or HVSP Tap-tempo | Yes | Yes Minimum tap tempo | 10s | 10s Maximum tap tempo | 50ms | 50ms Base clock output | Yes | Yes Actual tempo output | Yes | No External clock sync | Yes | Yes (requires HVSP) Single tap tempo align | Yes | Yes Select waveform | Yes | Yes Select multiplier | Yes | Yes (1) Adjust base tempo | Yes | No Reset settings | Yes | No Required settings controls | 1 | 2 Settings control(s) | Digital encoder | Analog potentiometers

(1) "Triplet" multiplier is not available for the attiny85; not because it can't handle it, but because by excluding this there are an equal number of slower- and faster multipliers available meaning the analog potentiometer will (theoretically) line up with 1:1/base tempo at 12 o'clock. Would go well with a center detent pot.

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