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Hideki's Songlist Data Handler


This is the new upcoming codebase for Hideki's Songlist.

Using HSLProcessr

The HSLProcessor is a tool to process song list data.

Note: If you are using a binary distribution, use, dotnet followed by DLL name, instead of dotnet run. For example, use dotnet HSLProcessor.dll list in place of dotnet run list.

Importing Data

Create a CSV file, like this:

My Song,My Artist,Source

Save this file, and use importcsv command to import.

dotnet run importcsv inputfile.csv

Series item can be imported using importseriescsv can be used to import series definition.

Format for this CSV file is:

My Source, My Series

The first line of the file is ignored by the parser.

Importing XML

If you have a XML data which you have exported from this tool, you will be able to import it using importxml command.

Listing the entries

Once you have imported the data, you can confirm the contents of the data base using list command. Use the command as follows.

dotnet run list

Search the entries

It is now possible to search contents of the database, using search command.

dotnet run search text

Delete the entry

You can remove entry by passing GUID of item into deleteitem command.

dotnet run deleteitem 09f8312f-51e1-4425-b739-4374b2d656d5

GUID for item can be obtained through list or search command.

XML export

You can export contents of database into exportxml command. Exported file can be imported using importxml command. XML file is useful as it contains the whole data structure including internal identifier, which can be imported without loss of data.

dotnet run exportxml export.xml
dotnet run importxml import.xml

Generating static pages

You can generate static web site contains whole data structure of the site. Each page is interactive; you will be able to click on title, artist, source information to jump to the specific page.

You can use generatehtml command to do this.

dotnet run generatehtml template output

Argument passed template for template to use, and output portion to specify where you want output your page to.

Generating the sitemap

Use generatesitemap to generate the sitemap. This can be used to faciliate better indexing by search engines.

This command takes two arguments, one for the file name, and other for the base URL.

dotnet run generatesitemap sitemap.xml

Deleting an item

Use deleteitem command to delete item. Specify UUID of the entry.