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IPFS-Lite is an embeddable, lightweight IPFS-network peer for IPLD applications
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IPFS-Lite is an embeddable, lightweight IPFS peer which runs the minimal setup to provide an ipld.DAGService. It can:

  • Add, Get, Remove IPLD Nodes to/from the IPFS Network (remove is a local blockstore operation).
  • Add single files (chunk, build the DAG and Add) from a io.Reader.
  • Get single files given a their CID.

It needs:

Some helper functions are provided to initialize these quickly.

It provides:

The goal of IPFS-Lite is to run the bare minimal functionality for any IPLD-based application to interact with the IPFS Network by getting and putting blocks to it, rather than having to deal with the complexities of using a full IPFS daemon, and with the liberty of sharing the needed libp2p Host and DHT for other things.


Apache 2.0

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