Preserver is desktop notes organiser built on electron, angular2, pouchDB
TypeScript HTML CSS JavaScript
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Preserver is an notes organizer desktop app based on Electron.

Organize your life with one of these incredibly useful Desktop applications for keeping track of notes, tasks, and to-do lists.


Basic useful feature of Preserver application:

  • Create notes
  • Archive notes
  • Move notes to trash & restore back
  • Assign labels to notes
  • Create todo list
  • Upload images to note
  • Set color to Notes as per your priority

Next, To Run an electron application what you have to do is !

npm install

typings install (Before that npm install typings -g)

npm start

For developement npm run dev (application running at localhost:8080)

That's it ...

Library stack used


You can download Preserver application for Windows, Darwin and Linux.