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Commits on Oct 21, 2013
  1. @makimoto

    Merge pull request #162 from fastladder/fix_konacha_run_error

    makimoto authored
    Run `konacha:run` with thin
  2. @kyanny
  3. @kyanny

    Fix broken spec

    kyanny authored
  4. @kyanny
Commits on Sep 29, 2013
  1. @makimoto
  2. @makimoto

    Merge pull request #163 from makimoto/kill-deperecation-warnings

    makimoto authored
    Kill some ActiveRecord deprecation warnings
  3. @makimoto

    Kill some ActiveRecord deprecation warnings

    makimoto authored
    * use `.all` instead of `.scope`
    * use `.joins` for `.includes` explicitly
    * do not use options in `.find_by_foo`
  4. @makimoto

    Do `bundle update`

    makimoto authored
  5. @kyanny

    Merge pull request #161 from tkkbn/fix-migration-for-mysql

    kyanny authored
    Fix migration for mysql
  6. @k0kubun
  7. @k0kubun
  8. @k0kubun
  9. @k0kubun
Commits on Aug 8, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #158 from onk/rails4

    upgrade to Rails4 (refs #157)
  2. @onk

    fix deprecation warning "expect { }.not_to raise_error(SpecificErrorC…

    onk authored
    DEPRECATION: `expect { }.not_to raise_error(SpecificErrorClass)` is deprecated.
    Use `expect { }.not_to raise_error()` instead.
  3. @onk
  4. @onk

    import returns symbol key hash

    onk authored
  5. @onk
  6. @onk
  7. @onk

    config.secret_token rename to config.secret_key_base on rails4

    onk authored
    rake setup now generate Fastladder::Application.config.secret_key_base
  8. @onk
  9. @onk
  10. @onk
  11. @onk
  12. @onk

    comment updated.

    onk authored
  13. @onk
  14. @onk

    Rakefile not to need shebang

    onk authored
  15. @onk

    add README.rdoc

    onk authored
  16. @onk

    add /bin/*

    onk authored
  17. @onk

    remove script/rails

    onk authored
  18. @onk

    add .keep

    onk authored
  19. @onk

    update /public/*

    onk authored
  20. @onk

    restructured /config/*

    onk authored
  21. @onk
  22. @onk
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