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= net-irc
== Description
IRC library. This is mostly conform to RFC 1459 but partly not for convenience.
== Installation
=== Archive Installation
rake install
=== Gem Installation
gem install net-irc
== Features/Problems
* IRC client (for bot)
* IRC server (for gateway to webservices)
== Synopsis
=== Client
require "net/irc"
class SimpleClient < Net::IRC::Client
def on_privmsg(m)
channel, message = *m
if message =~ /Hello/
post NOTICE, channel, "Hello!"
Net::IRC::Client manages channel status and the information is set in @channels.
So, be careful to use @channels instance variable and call super surely.
=== Server
see example/tig.rb
== IRC Gateways
There are some gateways connecting to webservices.
* Twitter
* Wassr
* Hatena Haiku
* Hatena Star
If you want to run it, type following:
$ cd `ruby -rubygems -e 'print Gem.searcher.find("net/irc").full_gem_path+"/examples"'`
$ ./tig.rb -f >> /dev/null 2>&1
$ ./wig.rb
Run as daemon in default. If you want to help:
$ ./tig.rb --help
Usage: tig.rb [opts]
-p, --port [PORT=16668] port number to listen
-h, --host [HOST=localhost] host name or IP address to listen
-l, --log LOG log file
--debug Enable debug mode
-f, --foreground run foreground
-n [user name or email address]
== Copyright
This library is based on RICE <> written by akira yamada.
Author:: cho45 <>
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2008-2009 cho45
License:: Ruby's