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OpenID fake server

This rails app is intended to running out of the box. It is based on ruby-openid examples/rails_openid w/ some arrangement.


  • Rails 2.1.1

  • mongrel

  • sqlite3 and sqlite3-ruby

How to use


$ git clone git:// $ cd open_id_fake_server $ rake openid:server:start

openid_fake_server runs in background. access localhost:3333 via browser.


$ cd open_id_fake_server $ rake openid:server:stop


$ cd open_id_fake_server $ rake openid:server:restart


see details: #{RAILS_ROOT}/config/application.yml

Upgrading (personally memo…)

  1. import rails-openid release source tree to $HOME/git/rails-openid and tag it.

  2. move to openid_fake_server dir.

  3. rm -rf *

  4. git checkout <commit> examples

  5. mv examples/rails_openid/* .

  6. mv examples/discover script/

  7. mv README README.orig

  8. rm -rf examples/rails_openid

  9. git rm -r –cached examples

  10. git add . (and git rm appropriately)

  11. commit it and tag ig. 'copied from ruby-openid 2.x.x'

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