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Title: Iris
Author: oyuu
Access: <>
License: GPL
Comment: 端午の節句ちなみ
Copyright 2002 (C) by oyuu <>
Validated by W3C.

2003-09-08 NT <>
	* remove specification of font-family.
	* font-size: em -> %.

2002-09-24 NT <>
        * convert for 1.5 series.

2002-11-21 oyuu <>
	* modified font-size: div.body, h3, div.comment, div.section p.
	* removed .headline border, div.comment div.caption border-right
		& border-left & border-bottom, div.referer border-right
		& border-left & border-bottom, div.refererlist border-right
		& border-left, div.refererlist div.caption border-right
		& border-left & border-top.
	* simplified margin, div.body blockquote padding, padding, div.calendar padding, 
		.headline margin & padding, h2 border & padding,
		div.body padding, div.referer padding, hr border,
		input.field border, textarea border, p.message padding,.
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