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Title: Thin
Author: Nana
Access: http://moo.boo.jp
License: GPL
Comment: シンプルなだけ

	thin.css: Thin Style Sheet of tDiary $Revision: 1.6 $
	Copyright by (C) Nana http://moo.boo.jp
        Only a few changed Theme Double.
        Theme Double Copyright (C) by zoe http://www.kasumi.sakura.ne.jp/~zoe/
        Validated by W3C

2004-01-21 TADA Tadashi <sho@spc.gr.jp>
	* add div.main for sidebar support.

2003-09-15 NT <nt@be.to>
	* font-size: em -> %.

2002-10-31 zoe <zoe@kasumi.sakura.ne.jp>
	* equalize indent size.

2002-10-19 Nana <moo@xu.boo.jp>
	* remove div.rank 
	* remove div.adminmenu {float: right,margin-left: 100px}
	* add div.body blockquote {padding: 8px}
2002-10-13 zoe <zoe@kasumi.sakura.ne.jp>
	* convert for 1.5 series.

2002-04-22 Nana
        * support calendar2,blockquote,title_list

2002-04-16 Nana
        * fix p.adminmenu margin-top:10% ->> 0

2002-04-05 TADA Tadashi <sho@spc.gr.jp>
	* add spec.

2002-03-28 TADA Tadashi <sho@spc.gr.jp>
	* add prefix 'thin_' to image files.

2002-03-27 TADA Tadashi <sho@spc.gr.jp>
	* fix textarea biyo--n problem.

2002-03-18 Nana
	* add ul,ol margin-left:100px >>> 0px