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The Gameboy Development Kit (GBDK)
A C compiler, assembler, linker and set of libraries for the Nintendo
Gameboy and more.
Pascal Felber, Lars Malmborg, Michael Hope.
Michael Hope <>
A very quick overview
The GBDK is based around the lcc retargetable C compiler with
a gbz80 backend, the ASxxxx assembler and linker, and a set of libraries.
The gbz80 is very similar to the Zilog Z80, and from 2.0.16 it has been
possible to target GBDK to a real Z80. See 'Compiling' later for more
gbz80 (as used in the Gameboy)
z80 (as in the Gamegear and pretty much every home computer
from the 1980's)
gb (Nintendo Gameboy)
gg (Sega Gamegear - very limited support)
Host platforms
DOS - has been compiled with gcc-go32 and mingw32.
Unix - Developed under Solaris and Linux-glibc.
All options are set through the Makefile. I (MLH) reccomend using command
line options instead of modifing the Makefile. Defaults have an asterix
beside them.
TARGETOS (host operating system - used for cross-compiling)
unix (*)
See also HOSTCC and HOSTLD if cross-compiling
gb (*) - Nintendo GB/CGB/SGB
rrgb - Rough 'n ready Gameboy emulator
- see
gg - Sega Gamegear (incomplete)
z80 - generic z80
gbz80 (*)
SDK_DIR - top level of where GBDK will be installed.
Default is $(HOME) - installs into $(HOME)/SDK/...
Alternative - /usr/lib to install into /usr/lib/SDK/...
'make' build it
'make install' installs it on a Unix system
'make dist' makes the distribution
'make zdist' makes a compressed distribution
'make clean' does something.
'make SDK_DIR=/usr/lib PLATFORM=rrgb install'
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