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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Description:
# simple copy file from tb.config.tc_workfd_cp_file_from to tb.config.tc_workfd_cp_file_to
# with sudo rights
# End:
from tbotlib import tbot"args: workfd %s %s %s", tb.workfd, tb.config.tc_workfd_cp_file_from, tb.config.tc_workfd_cp_file_to)
tb.eof_write(tb.workfd, "su")
ret = tb.tbot_expect_string(tb.workfd, 'Password')
if ret == 'prompt':
tb.write_stream_passwd(tb.workfd, "root", "lab")
# wait here for a standard prompt
tb.set_prompt(tb.workfd, tb.config.linux_prompt, 'linux')
tmp = "\cp " + tb.config.tc_workfd_cp_file_from + " " + tb.config.tc_workfd_cp_file_to
tb.write_lx_cmd_check(tb.workfd, tmp)
tb.eof_write_cmd(tb.workfd, "exit")