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web app that logs daily standup updates
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standup is an app to log daily status updates. It is currently in super early active development, check back later.

We developed it with the following priorities:

  1. Let's the team, stake holders and everyone else see status for team members across projects.
  2. Let's us do that asynchronously. Conference calls were getting difficult to schedule because of the range of timezones we're in.
  3. Let's us see who's blocked on what---then scrummasters can go through and work to unblock people.


To set up a local dev environment for hacking:

  1. Create and activate a new virtual environment.

  2. Clone the repo:

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd standup
  3. Install required dependencies:

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Configure:

    $ cp ./standup/ ./standup/
    $ vim ./standup/
  5. Create the database using:

    $ ./ db_create
  6. Run the app:

    $ ./ runserver

Oh, but wait--what can you do with it? Well, for testing purposes, you can use the included scripts/standup-cmd which is a command-line tool you can use to create statuses.


$ ./scripts/standup-cmd localhost:5000 ou812 willkg sumo "hi!"

(Assumes your api_key is set to ou812.)

Also, you can use the ./ script to add teams:

$ ./ add_team
$ ./ add_team "Team Awesome"
$ ./ add_team -s "awesome" "Team Awesome"

and projects:

$ ./ add_project
$ ./ add_project "DEATH MARCH"
$ ./ add_project -s "death_march" "DEATH MARCH"
$ ./ add_project -r "" "DEATH MARCH"
$ ./ add_project -c "0000ff" "DEATH MARCH"

And see stats for your instance:

$ ./ stats


To run migrations use:

$ ./ db_upgrade


There's a standup/ template which you can copy to standup/ to start you off.

These are things you can set in standup/


The url for your site.

For example, if you're running on your local machine, it would be:


No default. You must set this.


Secret string used for creating session variables. This can be any string.

For example:


No default. You must set this.


The key used for using the API. You use this for the standup-irc bot as well as the standup-cli.

Defaults to something ridiculous.


Either True or False. Determines whether it prints lots of stuff to the console and whether errors get a debugging-friendly error page.

Defaults to False.

These are things you can set in the environment when you launch standup:


The uri to use for the database.

Defaults to sqlite:///standup_app.db.


We use nose for testing. To run the tests, do:

$ nosetests
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