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Lifelong Learning via Progressive Distillation and Retrospection
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Thi repository is for the paper "Lifelong Learning via Progressive Distillation and Retrospection".


  1. Install the dependencies for Caffe according to the official instructions and modify the ./lll-caffe/Makefile.config.
  2. Compile the ./lll-caffe and make a soft link to the ./lll-data.
cd lll-caffe
make -j  12
ln -s ../lll-data data
  1. Download the pretrained models from the following links and put them in the ./lll-models.

Link1 (Password: wcdfwu)

  1. Generate the lmdb for each dataset in the ./lll-data according to the provided image list.
#Take Flowers as an example
./lll-data/data/flowers_train_lmdb #train set
./lll-data/data/flowers_test_lmdb #test set
./lll-data/data/flowers_seed1_uniform5_train_lmdb #subset from train set for Retrospection
  1. ImageNet2Flowers is taken as an example to illustrate the usage of the code. Please refer to for the details, including training and evaluation.
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