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Document the rest of the refile commands

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persistent point
,rx Move cursor to file/heading that is persistent
refile point.
+ Refile to last
+ refile point
+ ,rl Refile the current subtree to the previously
+ used location
+ Refile, jump to last
+ refile point
+ ,rz Move cursor to the previously used refile
+ location
+Items may be refiled to an archive file. The archive has the same path
+and name as the originating file with '_archive' appended. Archived
+subtrees are appended to the end. Additional properties are added like
+the archival date and time.
+ Refile to archive
+ ,ra Refile to the end of the archive file
+ associated with the current org file
+ Jump to archive
+ ,rv Open the archive file in a new tab.
MARK *vimorg-mark*

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