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fix to org menu to reflect that CaptureBuffer is now autoloaded in or…

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1 parent 7f4d09f commit d488b15d10b4905b7e4909a0eb2397396debf398 @hsitz committed Dec 14, 2011
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  1. +2 −1 ftplugin/org.vim
3 ftplugin/org.vim
@@ -6636,6 +6636,7 @@ function! s:SaveAgendaFiles(save)
if @a[0] != '-'
let g:agenda_files = split(@a,"\n")
+ let g:agenda_files=[]
@@ -8332,7 +8333,7 @@ amenu &Org.-Sep5- :
amenu &Org.Agenda\ &files<tab>,af.Cycle\ to\ &previous :call {sid}CycleAgendaFiles('backward')<cr>
amenu &Org.Agenda\ &files<tab>,af.&Choose\ file\ to\ goto :call {sid}OrgGotoChosenFile()<cr>
amenu &Org.-Sep45- :
-amenu <silent> &Org.&Do\ Emacs\ Eval<tab>,v :call OrgEval()<cr>
+amenu <silent> &Org.&Do\ Emacs\ Eval<tab>,v :call OrgEval()<cr>
amenu &Org.-Sep5- :
amenu &Org.Narro&w.Outline\ &Subtree<tab>,ns :call NarrowCodeBlock(line('.'))<cr>
amenu &Org.Narro&w.&Code\ Block<tab>,nc :call NarrowCodeBlock(line('.'))<cr>

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