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Documentation: Add section on clocking
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2 parents 7ff20bb + ada237e commit cab0baf635eb9470e62d57d42f2d470180b06c8d @hsitz committed Apr 10, 2014
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@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ CONTENTS *VimOrganizer* *vimorg*
Hyperlinks |vimorg-hyperlinks|
Narrowing Regions |vimorg-narrowing|
Tables in VimOrganizer |vimorg-tables-editing|
+ Clocking |vimorg-clocking|
Colorschemes and highlighting |vimorg-colors|
Code and spreadsheet evaluation in Emacs.....: |vimorg-code-eval|
@@ -1082,6 +1083,32 @@ NOTE: Be sure to note that the default evaluation does _NOT_
+CLOCKING *vimorg-clocking*
+Clocking means to record the amount time you spend on tasks.
+,ci Clock in *vimorg-clock-in*
+When you start work on an item, position the cursor on its headline and
+press ,ci. A property :CLOCK: with the current timestamp is added, to
+record the start time and to mark it as "open".
+,co Clock out *vimorg-clock-out*
+When you stop working on the current task, press ,co. You don't have to
+be positioned on the item. The currently open task will be searched in
+the current file or in all Agenda files (see |vimorg-agenda-files|). The
+end time will be recorded. The start time, end time and duration will be
+recorded in a :LOGBOOK: drawer like this:
+ :CLOCK: [2010-07-11 Sun 20:30]--[2010-07-11 Sun 22:26] -> 1:56
+ :END:
+You can clock the same task multiple times and multiple :CLOCK: lines
+will accumulate in the logbook.

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