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djp commented Mar 22, 2012

taskwarrior (http://taskwarrior.org) is a mighty task listing program that I have been using for years. One of the tw features I requested long ago was the creation of a "personal journal" logfile, that was written to every time taskwarrior was modified, appending the activity to a human-readable file that recorded tasks as they were added and completed, but was also quite free-form in that the user could add whatever notes, or links, creating a document like a highly detailed diary. A majority of taskwarrior users seem to be vim users, and I had considered all sorts of searchable, foldable markup, and then there's VimOrganizer..

Taskwarrior has a full set of programming hooks, and having the output "tee" to another file should be trivial, the fun part is the conversion to valid vimorg format.

Later on, if this filetype symbiosis is rewarding, interaction between the TODO systems could be considered, but for starters I would be happy with a one-way trip from tw2vimorg.
(this functionality would require some co-operation from the tw dev team)


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