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Commits on Jul 26, 2013
  1. @marijnh
  2. @lojjic @marijnh

    [tern addon] Fix bug in findDoc method causing docs to get added with…

    lojjic authored marijnh committed
    … name of 'undefined'
    The name var was getting clobbered in the initial for-in loop, so the
    second loop would never be entered.
  3. @mtaran-google @marijnh
  4. @marijnh

    Revert "When pasting on Webkit, add a nonsense character to work arou…

    marijnh authored
    …nd browser bug"
    This reverts commit d59e2ae.
Commits on Jul 25, 2013
  1. @marijnh

    [manual] Mention CodeMirror.signal

    marijnh authored
    Closes #1698
  2. @marijnh
  3. @marijnh
  4. @bfrohs @marijnh

    [css mode] Fix @media styling and indentation

    bfrohs authored marijnh committed
    Closes #1657
  5. @marijnh
  6. @marijnh

    [sparql mode] UNION keyword in SPARQL

    Micah Dubinko authored marijnh committed
    UNION should be a keyword (like FILTER, not an op
  7. @marijnh
  8. @marijnh
  9. @mightyguava @marijnh

    [vim] Fix for ~ movement

    mightyguava authored marijnh committed
  10. @marijnh
  11. @sathyamoorthi @marijnh

    Small condition change in findMatchingTag.

    sathyamoorthi authored marijnh committed
  12. @CodeAnimal @marijnh

    [vbscript mode] Total rewrite

    CodeAnimal authored marijnh committed
    Issue #1684
  13. @marijnh

    When pasting on Webkit, add a nonsense character to work around brows…

    Andrey Lushnikov authored marijnh committed
    …er bug
    Issue #1474
  14. @marijnh
  15. @marijnh
  16. @marijnh

    Do less work in setSize

    marijnh authored
    Issue #1682
  17. @marijnh

    [foldcode addon] Make sure unfold event is always fired

    marijnh authored
    Also adds parameters to a range's clear event.
    Issue #1678
    Issue #1679
  18. @marijnh

    [base16 themes] Integrate

    marijnh authored
  19. @idleberg @marijnh

    [base16 themes] Add

    idleberg authored marijnh committed
  20. @marijnh

    Remove trailing whitespace

    marijnh authored
  21. @Leonya @marijnh
Commits on Jul 13, 2013
  1. @marijnh

    [closebrackets addon] Do not insert pair of quotes right after the word

    Andrey Lushnikov authored marijnh committed
  2. @marijnh
  3. @marijnh
  4. @mightyguava @marijnh

    [vim] Disable insert mode if document is readonly

    mightyguava authored marijnh committed
Commits on Jul 12, 2013
  1. @marijnh

    [smartymixed mode] Integrate

    marijnh authored
  2. @rosmanov @marijnh

    [smartymixed mode] Add

    rosmanov authored marijnh committed
  3. @marijnh
  4. @marijnh

    Add convenient event methods to all event-emitting objects

    marijnh authored
    i.e. linehandle.on,, etc.
Commits on Jul 11, 2013
  1. @jpcs @marijnh

    Added SPARQL 1.1 keywords to the SPARQL mode.

    jpcs authored marijnh committed
  2. @marijnh

    Support 'title' option to markText

    marijnh authored
    Issue #1654
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