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If people want to show a source file in a new browser tab, it usually works for text files. But if CPP, H files or like are involved then those are offered as a download! One possible solution to this problem is to convert those source files to HTML using tools like pygments, which allows you a conversion like:

  • pygmentize -f html -O full -o cpp-source.html source.cpp

This will create an HTML file cpp-source.html from source.cpp, where the latter can then be served with whatever method. code2html is a small web application demonstrating this approach; follow the instructions below to get it running:

$ git clone git:// code2html.git

Clones the GIT repository code2html from GitHub; you'll only have read access.

$ cd code2html.git

Switches to the repository folder code2html.git, which has been created at the first step.

$ ./ ## requires `virtualenv` for Python 2.x!

Installs the code2html dependencies Flask and Pygments. For this step to work you need a python interpreter with the virtualenv environment builder properly set-up.

$ source bin/activate

Activates virtualenv for the project; this step is necessary since the previous one has installed our dependencies into a virtual environment.

$ ./

Executes the code2html web application; you should see an output like running on Point your browser to the address and play around with the demonstration.

The pre-converted examples should just work, but for the on-the-fly examples to deliver anything you need to activate a Celery worker by executing additionally the following command in a second terminal:

$ source bin/activate && celery worker --app=tasks ## requires a `redis` instance running!

After you're done with the demonstration hit CTRL+C and run deactivate to exit the virtual environment.

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