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### Caching and Admin (``)
+**External Caching**
On []( `memcached` and `redis` are not run within the container, but externally (the command from `` has been adapted by omitting `MEMCACHED` and `REDIS` [they could have also be set to zero: `MEMCACHED=0` and `REDIS=0`]). Therefore the corresponding `CACHE{0,1,2,3}_SERVERS` values had to be adapted:
@@ -151,6 +153,8 @@ index e77e80c..751fcfc 100644
## MIMETYPE_PATHs is a list of paths point to a `mime.types` file, which
+**Admin Security: SSH Tunnel**
In addition, the `PRIVILEGED_ADDRESSES` has been changed to allow **secure** access to the admin interface: To access it use (a) the IP address of a machine, which has a back-end proxy (like `squid`) running, (b) on which you can `SSH` tunnel to, and (c) which has a front-end proxy (like `nginx`) running (pointing to the NoTex instance). Further then (d) connect your browser to the local port of the SSH tunnel (change the corresponding proxy settings in your browser).
You should also make sure to run the front-end proxy via HTTPS (for which a self-signed SSL certificated should be enough). Then navigate to e.g. `` (or whereever the now *privileged machine* is running):

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