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Key Terms

  • admin
    • the owner of the project.
    • owns the WeddingManager contract
  • Fiances
    • two people who intend to get married on the blockchain
  • blockchain marriage
    • a non official marriage which is a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain which will exist forever. marriage is confirmed after mutual agreement
  • blockchain divorce
    • end non official marriage by wedding contract destruction after mutual agreement
  • DApp
    • distributed application. An application which can run anywhere and uses data and functions from smart contracts on the ethereum network. Works in a web browser.
  • etherscan
    • a block explorer for the ethereum network. Can find smart contracts, balances, and transactions on the ethereum network here.
  • transaction
    • an ethereum transaction. This can be sending money or running a function on a smart contract. This always costs gas.
  • gas
    • essentially the fee you are paying to the ethereum network for doing something. This something includes running most functions as well as sending money to someone. Gas fees are normally very small and inexpensive.
  • fee
    • ether charged by the smart contract to do something (marriage or divorce). This are fees on top of regular ethereum network gas costs.
  • metamask
    • metamask is a browser plugin which allows users to interact with ethereum smart contracts from the browser. It also acts as a wallet which has ethereum accounts.
  • ether
    • the monetary unit of the ethereum network


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