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@raitisbe raitisbe released this Feb 21, 2019 · 35 commits to develop since this release


  • Draw outline around reset map button (8cd2a66)
  • Small fix for wrong function name in docs (fda3608)
  • First draft of wiki about config parameters (661611a)
  • Composition parser improvements for schema (291dd57)
  • Layer field 'base' in composition schema (1aad6fd)
  • URL shortening service change (a2b2e4c)
  • Projection, styles examples in composition schema and extended types (d03ed6d)
  • Fix styler because styling service was not included in layermanager (349dbd9)
  • Schema definition for compositions (c5f8047)
  • Rewrite creation of compositions query url (9e424a1)
  • Upgrade to bootstrap 4.2 (b19f02b)
  • Fix gitsha querying in all examples (f321c3e)
  • Force cryptiles 4.1.2 version (dac420d)
  • Fix security vulnerabilities by upgrading dependencies (04738e1)
  • Fix proxy not working on cesium versions newer than 1.43. (8f506ad)
  • Tile wms layers according to webmercator tiling scheme in Cesium (5671381)
  • Fix displaying of wms in ol3 along cesiumjs (5d992a6)
  • Remove otn related examples (moved to project_otn repo) (220f7e9)
  • Add python3 enabled hsproxy (2d39b8a)
  • Remove foodie-zones example (074feea)
  • Remove fatima example (c69eea8)
  • Remove produce-3d example (18be68a)
  • Remove 3d-olu example (65badf4)
  • Dont always specify 3857 projection when syncing features to cesium (b76f691)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/reorganize_examples' into develop (afe3b90)
  • Remove databio and rostenice examples because they are already redirected (d94a2c5)
  • cesium base directory needs be specified in app.js (0660b5f)
  • Remove cesium from common paths (47f9911)
  • Dont use newTerrainProviderOptions when calling createWorldTerrain fixes #147 (426021b)
  • Access token usage fixed for cesium terrain layers. Wrong access token was used, if terrain providers are defined in app.js, because token is set inside hscesium.js module, which is used later. Now the createWorldTerrain function will be called, when the layer is turned on and thus the correct token will be used. (90941b0)
  • Cesium shadows, time and terrain parameters need to be configurable (bb24247) (68a25c7)
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