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@raitisbe raitisbe released this Nov 25, 2019 · 44 commits to develop since this release

Version 1.9.0 focuses on improvement of layout and UI on mobile devices and uses the newest Open Layers version 6, which brings many improvements to the rendering process Multiple improvements have been made in the layer list most noticeable of which are the checkboxes for turning on/off layers and base layer switcher in a separate component. Also unit test execution is now fixed and we plan to extend the test suite in the next weeks.

Screenshot from 2019-11-26 23-53-29


  • Bump ol from 5.3.3 to 6.1.1 (de9be84)
  • Update readmy about tests (6b42c90)
  • Run github ci only for 10.x node (d93f83d)
  • Run tests with sourcemaps enabled (3df6e47)
  • Fix default panelsEnabled failing when config.panelsEnabled not provided at all (3130949)
  • Dont remove layers on sidebar expansion fixes #391 (ac26cdc)
  • Configurable state of loading progress panel (5facde7)
  • Remove unneeded test packages (cef1484)
  • Use ChromeHeadless for tests (da28fed)
  • Use puppeteer chromium for tests (411c997)
  • Use singleRun true for tests (7bc869f)
  • Fix testing framework and compositions test (f07badc)
  • Add infopanel icon to sidear (dd01d65)
  • add support for EPSG:5514 trasformations (8e5a1a7)
  • Change position,style of layervisibility toggle (a2b4666)
  • Change style of layers in LM (7e38036)
  • Change style of the rest of the buttons in LM (36f5f4c)
  • Fix basemapgallery not showing on sidebar closed (d8d3cd0)
  • Change style of some checkboxes inside layermanager (52f27ab)
  • Remove the “Sublayers” group title and display the sublayers directly under the layer name (c7f83ac)
  • Move opacity slidier to the bottom of layereditor (b10dbb7)
  • Layerlist arrow should face down when layereditor opened (e689e4c)
  • Map content heading bar visible only if no basem. gallery (cc9f6a4)
  • Remove redundant closing button (8a4c7ca)
  • Create nodejs.yml (561e796)
  • Position Cesium continer similarly to OL map (31c2ebe)
  • Fix ajax queries using $http in sparql layer (e5fe5c1)
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