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Gnome shell extension for listening to internet radio streams
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GNOME Shell Extension Radio

A GNOME Shell extension for listening to internet radio streams.



  • supports GNOME Shell 3.32 - for older versions see releases
  • manage internet radio streams
  • middle click to start/stop last played station
  • Cyrillic tag support - see charset conversion
  • support for multimedia keys: play / stop, cycle through stations via next / prev
  • show tags in the panel or via notification
  • search online radio directory radio-browser
  • separate volume slider
  • copy title to clipboard via button in the radio menu or via middle click on the panel title
  • Show radio stations as search results in GNOME overview


Prerequisites: GStreamer plugins are installed.

Charset conversion

Radio station streams may include tags - track artist and title.

If tags are not served in UTF-8 encoding, non-latin characters may be printed as garbage characters and must be converted to UTF-8 to make sense.

A specific source charset can optionally be set upon adding or editing each channel.

Unfortunately, charsets cannot be reliably determined automatically. Finding the right source charset for a channel's tags are therefore a matter of guessing - or guessing again. A tool like 2cyr/decode may come useful.

Currently, this extension supports conversion of the following charsets:

  • windows-1251 - Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian Cyrillic and Macedonian
  • windows-1252 - Western European / Latin 1
  • windows-1253 - Greek
  • windows-1257 - Baltic
  • koi8-r - Russian
  • koi8-u - Ukrainian




Copyright © 2014-2018 hslbck.

GNOME Shell Extension Radio is published under the GPL-3+ license, see COPYING for details.

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