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+Banshee is a PHP website framework with a main focus on security. It has a Model-View-Controller architecture and uses XSLT for the view. MySQL is being used as the default database, but with little effort other databases can be used as well. Although it's called a framework, it comes with a ready to use CMS, lots of libraries and modules like a forum, weblog and a guestbook.
+Configure your webserver
+Use the directory 'public' as the webroot directory and allow PHP execution. If you use the Hiawatha webserver, you can use the following UrlToolkit configuration:
+UrlToolkit {
+ ToolkitID = banshee
+ RequestURI isfile Return
+ Match ^/(css|files|images|js)($|/) Return
+ Match ^/(favicon.ico|robots.txt)$ Return
+ Match .*\?(.*) Rewrite /index.php?$1
+ Match .* Rewrite /index.php
+For Apache, there is a .htaccess file in the 'public' directory which contains the URL rewriting rules.
+Banshee needs PHP's MySQL and XSL module. Use the following PHP settings:
+ allow_url_include = Off
+ cgi.fix_pathinfo = 0 (when using FastCGI PHP), 1 (otherwise)
+ cgi.rfc2616_headers = 1 (when using Hiawatha), 0 (when using Apache)
+ date.timezone = <your timezone>
+ magic_quotes_gpc = Off
+ register_globals = Off
+Configure your database
+Change the database settings in 'settings/website.conf' and run the script 'database/setup_database'. This will create a MySQL user, a MySQL database and initialize the created database.
+The installed database already contains two users: 'admin' and 'user'. Both have the password 'banshee'.
+Configure Banshee
+Go to the Settings page in the CMS and replace the present e-mail addresses with your own. Before going live, set the DEBUG_MODE flag in settings/website.conf to 'no' and make sure you've changed the administrator password.

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