HSLuv implementation for Emacs ELisp
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This package provides an Elisp implementation of the HSLUV colorspace conversions as created by Alexei Boronine (@boronine), and documented on http://www.hsluv.org/

HSLuv is a human-friendly alternative to HSL.

CIELUV is a color space designed for perceptual uniformity based on human experiments. When accessed by polar coordinates, it becomes functionally similar to HSL with a single problem: its chroma component doesn't fit into a specific range.

HSLuv extends CIELUV with a new saturation component that allows you to span all the available chroma as a neat percentage.

The reference implementation is written in Haxe and released under the MIT license. It can be found at https://github.com/hsluv/hsluv The math is available under the public domain.


The recommended way is to use MELPA. If either is in your package-archives, do

M-x package-install RET hsluv RET

or you could use something like use-package:

(use-package hsluv)

No further configuration is needed.


The following functions provide the conversions from RGB to/from HSLUV and HPLUV:

(hsluv-hsluv-to-rgb (list H S Luv))

(hsluv-hpluv-to-rgb (list H P Luv))

(hsluv-rgb-to-hsluv (list R G B))

(hsluv-rgb-to-hpluv (list R G B))


If you want to run the tests, checkout this repository. Then, on a command-line near you, do:

$ make clean test

which will run the tests defined in test/hsluv-test.el.

Test results will be collected in the file test-results.log