Python implementation of HSLuv (revision 4)
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A Python implementation of HSLuv (revision 4).


pip install hsluv


hsluv_to_hex([hue, saturation, lightness])

hue is a float between 0 and 360, saturation and lightness are floats between 0 and 100. This function returns the resulting color as a hex string.

hsluv_to_rgb([hue, saturation, lightness])

Like above, but returns a list of 3 floats between 0 and 1, for each RGB channel.


Takes a hex string and returns the HSLuv color as a list of floats as defined above.

rgb_to_hsluv([red, green, blue])

Like above, but red, green and blue are passed as floats between 0 and 1.

For HPLuv (the pastel variant), use hpluv_to_hex, hpluv_to_rgb, hex_to_hpluv and rgb_to_hpluv.


Run python test.