A tiny jquery plugin for validate forms
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Validetta is a tiny jQuery plugin which you can do client-side validation of your forms. It aims to decrease your burden with easy usage and flexible structure.

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What can be done?

  • You can check fields whether it is empty or not or it is chosen or not.
  • You can do e-mail check.
  • You can do number check.
  • You can check if the two fields are equal to each other.
  • You can check credit card number validation.
  • You can limit number of characters written to fields.
  • You can limit number of choice of multiple select box or check box.
  • You can use remote validator.
  • By creating your own regular expression, you can check fields according to this regular expression.

Browser support

The project is tested in Chrome and Firefox. It should work in the current stable releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari as well as IE8 and up.


jQuery v1.7 or above.


Official Doc


MIT licensed