A simple CMS to kickstart your projects.
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####A simple CMS to kickstart your projects.

Avocado is a simple content management system I created to save, edit, and search documents for my IT Department. You can check out the UI at http://hsnyc.co/portfolio

It is far from complete. I work on it as time allows.

Please feel free to use it for your own projects, improve it, share it, or whatever use may be of help to you.

NOTE: The files include sample content including a DEMO version of CKFinder which you can freely use during development. If you use CKFinder in production you will need to get a license unless you use another solution for file browsing.

##To get started:

  • download the .zip with all the necessary files.
  • create a MySQL Database and name it avocado or whatever you wish.
  • create a db user and edit it's credentials in the database.php file in both includes and admin/includes folder (line 6) and in the bkdb.php file in admin/DB.
  • import the .sql file found in admin/DB this will import 4 tables with the sample content: 5 articles, 6 categories, 2 comments, 3 users.
  • If installing on the root, you will need to modify the path in the admin/DB/bkdb.php file (line 4) for the backup function to work. Just delete avocadocms from the path.
  • To log in use the following - user: gabi password: gabi28
  • You can also modify the users in the database since I have not yet built a function for this.
  • Thats it! Let me know if you encounter any trouble getting started.

If you are interested in contributing please reach out, I will be delighted.

Thank you for checking out this project.