Improve filename sorting in dupe table #169

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From email:

I've been using dupeGuru and dupeGuru PE for a while now, and I've found one aspect of dupeGuru PE that's a little annoying.
First, the context. I often wind up with a lot of duplicate files due to downloading tools that I use, and they wind up getting names like 'aa.jpg', 'aa-01.jpg', 'aa-02.jpg', et cetera. When dupeGuru presents the list of duplicates, it places 'aa-01.jpg' first, followed by 'aa-02.jpg', et cetera, with 'aa.jpg' last. This is, no doubt, due to '-' being earlier in the collating sequence than '.'.

What I'd like to suggest is that the files be sorted using their base name (i.e. 'aa') first, and then duplicates (i.e. 'aa.png' and 'aa.jpg') ordered by their extensions.
This would put 'aa.jpg' before 'aa-01.jpg'.

Note that I can't simply swap the files using 'Invert Marking', or use 'Make Selected Reference', if there are a lot of duplicates or if there are multiple duplicates for a particular file.

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hsoft commented Jun 22, 2013

(from [55f94c579ae6]) [#169 state:fixed] Ignore filename extension during filename sorting in results.

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