Crash on switching between accounts while editing #283

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hsoft commented Jun 22, 2013

This is the original traceback I received:

Application Identifier: com.hardcoded_software.moneyguru
Application Version: 2.3.10

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Applications/", line 1116, in setCurrentPaneIndex_
File "core/gui/main_window.pyc", line 405, in current_pane_index
File "core/gui/main_window.pyc", line 87, in _change_current_pane
File "core/gui/account_view.pyc", line 38, in show
File "core/gui/base.pyc", line 268, in show
File "core/gui/transaction_table_base.pyc", line 43, in show
File "core/gui/base.pyc", line 129, in show
File "core/gui/transaction_table_base.pyc", line 40, in _revalidate
File "hscommon/gui/table.pyc", line 257, in refresh
File "hscommon/cocoa/inter.pyc", line 55, in refresh
File "hscommon/cocoa/inter.pyc", line 132, in saveEdits
File "hscommon/gui/table.pyc", line 264, in save_edits
File "hscommon/gui/table.pyc", line 296, in save

with the description of how it happened:

I was changing from one account/tab to another. I had changed the comment field on a transaction and went to the next account without saving the change. The changed text then appeared both on the original transaction and on the transaction on which I landed in the second account. This definitely happened. I am not 100% sure that this lead to the error, but I think so.

I couldn't reproduce the exact same error, but something similar by doing the following:

  1. Have two accounts opened, one with many txns, the other with less txns.
  2. Start editing the txn in the first account that corresponds, index-wise, to an uneditable row (like the total row) in the second account).
  3. Switch from one account to the other without "properly" ending the current edit.
  4. crash.
@hsoft hsoft closed this Jun 22, 2013
hsoft commented Jun 22, 2013

(from [ff809dab6431]) [#283 state:fixed] Fixed a crash on switch account pane while editing.

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