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Vim plugin providing support for the Hspec BDD-style testing framework for Haskell.


If you are using pathogen.vim, then you can install hspec.vim with:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone


By default spec files are highlighted the same as ordinary Haskell source files. You can customize colors by adding e.g. the following to your .vimrc:

highlight link hspecDescribe Type
highlight link hspecIt Identifier
highlight link hspecDescription Comment

screenshot of vim with hspec.vim


The plugin includes UltiSnips snippets for the Hspec DSL. If you have UltiSnips installed, no configuration is necessary, simply edit a file matching *Spec.hs.

Press Ctrl-Tab in insert mode to list all available snippets in context, where descriptions will indicate the Hspec snippets. Or just try a few of the most common triggers: spec, des, con, it, etc.


Distributed under the MIT license.